Snowflake Appeal

A little while ago – okay, maybe a long while – I wrote a blog post about my journey into jewellery making and my dreams for the future, one of which was my fervent wish and hope to positively impact the lives of children.

A few hours after posting my new snowflake pendant on the facebook page, I came across a post on the Make Jewellery page about the #snowflakeappeal.

Backed by homemade goddess, Kirstly Allsop, the snowflake appeal is an initiative by Home Start, an organisation of local collectives working to improve the lives of children and their families within their communities.

It seems the perfect opportunity to kick start my endeavours. After all, charity does begin at home, and with 92% of the funds raised going directly to what they do, it’s a no-brainer for me.

To do my bit of fundraising, I have designed this gorgeous, limited edition snowflake pendant with a blue zircon crystal set in its centre.


20% of all proceeds from their sale will be donated to the snowflake appeal. The snowflake pendant is now available from the etsy shop, and links will be posted on all of our social media accounts.

With all the will in the world, I cannot do this on my own, and this is where you lovely people come in.
I mean, wouldn’t it be great that as well as receiving a beautifully handcrafted piece, you would have made a contribution towards improving the lives of thousands of children? I think so!

It would also be absolutely fantastic and very much appreciated, if you would help spread the word by liking and sharing this message on your social media accounts. Don’t forget to tell your family and friends too.

To read more about Home Start, the Snowflake Appeal, how to donate, fundraise and others ways of getting involved, please click here