Rebranding – Sort of


This post is slightly late – but you know how I roll 😀

A couple of months ago, I made the decision to merge my facebook business pages. There were four of them in all – one for crochet jewellery, one for handstamped jewellery, another for art and the last for metal stamping shape supplies. It was a struggle trying to market and keep updated four different pages and corresponding stores.

To cut a long story short, there are only two pages now (3 technically, because facebook ‘forgot’ to merge the art page into the jewellery pages). One page caters for the supply business and its etsy shop, and one for the jewellery and art, and their corresponding shops. Life is so much better but lots of room for improvement still 🙂

Anyhoo – does any one still say that? – Vijoux has become the umbrella name for all of the businesses and the jewellery now trades as Perlite Noir, which means black pearl. The name was inspired by the black volcanic sand beaches, in the little town where I grew up, and their pearly reflection in the moonlight.

The new page can be found here, with a link to the etsy shop. The website is still under contruction, as I keep changing my mind about its layout but I am determined that it will launch in the new year – new beginnings and all that…

I hope to see you on the page, and when you visit, it’ll be great to read from you, so drop a line on the wall.

See you soon 🙂 xx


Easter Jewellery.


Just a quick post to share a few makes for Easter. You can only give or receive so many eggs for Easter, so I figured I’d help out by providing a few options. Hehehe.

All of the pieces are made from sterling silver and Swarovski crystals but there is an aluminium option available.

If you’d like any of the pieces, please drop me a line via the facebook page here

Toodles xx


Quilted Egg pendant £55


Bunny In An Egg pendant £45


Bunny pendant £45


Chick Studs £15. One as pendant £18.


Bunny Studs £15. One as pendant £18

Welcome to ViJouX UK

Finally got around to creating an into video for ViJouX’s youtube channel. Very excited and looking forward to creating some full lemgth PRO videos.

Have a gander and please let me know what you think.

🙂 xx

Welcome to ViJouX UK.

Press Release: THAM THEU, the Autumn/Winter 2013-14 Collection from ViJouX



Winter jewellery just landed a touch of the orient in the form of Manchester based ViJouX’s Autumn/Winter 2013 collection.
Inspired by the story of an 80 year old Vietnamese rug, Chinese symbols and Eastern architecture, the THAM THEU collection is a beauty to behold. ViJouX designer and founder, Manyi Takor, has managed to turn the concept of designer jewellery on its head, and beautifully so, with a collection that takes the idea of complexity and strips back to beautiful minimalism.

Enamelled copper, steel, silk and crystals provide a refreshing alternative for women who buck the trend and want to stand out. Named for the dreams, hopes and emotions they evoke, the classy etched collection beckons its wearers to connect with the innermost desires of their heart through the interplay of symbolism and colour. The collection also incorporates statement pieces in ViJouX’s break-out style of hand crocheted gold filled wire and these sumptuous and delicate beauties would not be out of place on any red carpet

With each piece customisable with different coloured enamels, silk tassels and swarovski crystals, the possibilities for personalisation are infinite.

Shop the AW13 Collection here.

For more information on ViJouX jewellery, high resolution images or to request pieces for editorial shoots, please contact Manyi Takor on +44 (0) 7960 895306 or email

Style concept – Hạnh phúc; the Happiness Pendant

HAPPINESS - copper and enamel pendant - Pigeon blue

HAPPINESS – copper and enamel pendant – Pigeon blue

Today’s style concept features the HAPPINESS pendant from the THAM THEU collection.
Made from copper with enamelled etchings, hạnh phúc is inspired by a long standing tradition in a culture where relationships, hopes and dreams are sacred and celebrated, and symbolism is the ultimate expression of oneself.
Wear this pendant as a symbol and reminder that true happiness lies within us.

Pair with just about any style of dress or layer with matching necklaces and sautoirs.



The happiness necklace can be purchased via the ViJouX website here

Style Concept : SPHERES necklace

Kicking off the Style Concept postings is none other than the fierce SPHERES necklace.
I absolutely enjoyed making this necklace. Moreso because when I started crocheting that day, there was no plan. I simply let the wire do what it wanted and the result was this sumptuous beauty. 

Ten dangling crochet gold discs, framed by brightly coloured enamelled wire means this piece is good for one thing only – and that’s making a STATEMENT!

Wear the bib style necklace with a simple but glamourous outfit for the right combination of sexy, sassy and cool.

Here’s my take on it.

Styling idea for the SPHERES necklace

Styling idea for the SPHERES necklace

Buy SPHERES here

Introducing Style Concepts: How to wear ViJouX Jewellery

One of the downsides of an online only shop is that your customers don’t get to try on your items.

It can be difficult to imagine what a necklace, earrings or a bracelet will look like, even when all the dimensions are provided.

Quite often, I get asked to describe how a piece sits when worn and whether or not they can be worn in different ways. This isn’t always easy to do and I will confess often feeling frustrated when unable to convey an idea.

This is especially true when introducing new styles of jewellery like my break out style of wire crochet.

Unfortunately, getting images of pieces on models is not always possible, cost effective or even realistic.

So, I figured it might be helpful to share some illustrations of what the pieces should look like when worn, and what outfits or styles I have in mind when I create them.

A new category on the blog, Style Concepts, will be dedicated to providing styling ideas for the more unusual pieces of jewellery and I will endeavour to post two articles every month 🙂

Hopefully, you will all enjoy being able to imagine what the pieces will look like, and choose something you feel best compliments your outfit.

The first post will be up tomorrow morning and I’ll look forward to reading your thoughts.



Downtime and Flash Sales


It’s been a miserable week for me as I have struggled to reach any of my targets. It would seem a bug of unknown origin decided to take up residence in my body and intends to stay awhile. Even now, I am confined to the sofa and the joys of typing out a post on my phone’s screen. Not exactly my idea of heaven – if I am going to take a break, I’d rather it be on my terms! Plus, I am backed up on a couple of orders. Not good for what little image I’ve got…

Anyhoo, the upside of a little downtime is the freedom to let creativity flow. Often, when putting together a collection, one is limited by factors such as desirability, cost and so on.
With no such constraints to hold me back, the juices have run a little haywire.

One of the more reasonable ideas to present in this flow is a 24 hour jewellery flash sale; kind of like an online pop up market, on the facebook page. Necklaces, bracelets, anklets, cufflinks, etc. etc. all priced £10 or less – equivalent to a  minimum of a 25% reduction on RRP.

With Christmas coming up, how great would it be to get beautiful, exclusive and handmade jewellery for less than you’d pay for the store bought equivalent? Pretty darn fantastic I’d say.

If you agree, pop over and like ViJouX on facebook and you’ll get an invite once a date has been decided (Most likely the second week in October).

Oooh… and if you didn’t know yet, the Tham Theu collection is now available on the website.

Okaayy. I think that’s it for today.

Have a fabulous week, everyone!


PS: Do forgive any typos, grammatical errors et al. Blame it on the bug; it may be in my brain! 😉