Easter Jewellery.


Just a quick post to share a few makes for Easter. You can only give or receive so many eggs for Easter, so I figured I’d help out by providing a few options. Hehehe.

All of the pieces are made from sterling silver and Swarovski crystals but there is an aluminium option available.

If you’d like any of the pieces, please drop me a line via the facebook page here

Toodles xx


Quilted Egg pendant £55


Bunny In An Egg pendant £45


Bunny pendant £45


Chick Studs £15. One as pendant £18.


Bunny Studs £15. One as pendant £18


Facebook Christmas mega sale night

It’s the week before Christmas and if you’re anything like me, you’ve left the bulk of your shopping until the very last minute.

If that’s the case, then join me on the facebook page ViJouXfrom 8pm until 11pm tomorrow Monday 16th, for a chat and some last-minute shopping. Everything will be priced £15 and under with flat rate postage of £3.

Some of the funds raised – 50% of the profit – will be donated to St Mary’s Hospital Charity as a thank you for their fantastic work and in a bid to do my bit to keep them running all of their services.

A little under two years ago, I was a patient at St Mary’s when I went into pre-term labour. My son did not survive but the treatment and care I received made the situation a lot easier to bear. It wasn’t my first time at St Mary’s either. I had been countless times during the preceding five years – my first son was born there after a difficult pregnancy and I also received treatment during and after a second pregnancy that ended in a miscarriage and an ectopic. So as you can imagine, they have seen quite a bit of me,
and the fantastic work by the midwives on the wards and in the EGU have stayed with me.

It would be great to give something back that helps them to continue to help others like me, so I hope you join me tomorrow evening.

See you there xx

Welcome to ViJouX UK

Finally got around to creating an into video for ViJouX’s youtube channel. Very excited and looking forward to creating some full lemgth PRO videos.

Have a gander and please let me know what you think.

🙂 xx

Welcome to ViJouX UK.

Style concept – Hạnh phúc; the Happiness Pendant

HAPPINESS - copper and enamel pendant - Pigeon blue

HAPPINESS – copper and enamel pendant – Pigeon blue

Today’s style concept features the HAPPINESS pendant from the THAM THEU collection.
Made from copper with enamelled etchings, hạnh phúc is inspired by a long standing tradition in a culture where relationships, hopes and dreams are sacred and celebrated, and symbolism is the ultimate expression of oneself.
Wear this pendant as a symbol and reminder that true happiness lies within us.

Pair with just about any style of dress or layer with matching necklaces and sautoirs.



The happiness necklace can be purchased via the ViJouX website here

We’re on Poppito.com!!!


Maybe I don’t love myself enough. Maybe I love myself too much…

This morning, my to-do list included finishing up on the zodiac range and a few midi rings – then I got on twitter.
I happened by a tweet from Poppito, whom I have been following for a little while, and that triggered the memory of a promise to check them out sometime.

Only, with the new collection, new website, dodgy health, stores on Folksy, Etsy (shut now), dealing with all the social media accounts, designing, crafting, sending out orders, being a mom… I’m breathless. Are you yet? Needless to say, it never happened.

Next thing I know, their website’s loaded on my phone, the terms are read, and signed up, ViJouX is! Next, took a few pictures of some things I have been working on and BAM!!

Anyhoo, the whole point of this rambling post, like the title says, is that ViJouX can now be found on Poppito.
Why you should go on there, you ask. Well, because most of the pieces will be one-offs and other designs you will not find on the website 🙂

Good? Well, head on down and I’ll see you there!!

😉 xx

Visit the ViJouX @ Poppito shop here.

Style Concept : SPHERES necklace

Kicking off the Style Concept postings is none other than the fierce SPHERES necklace.
I absolutely enjoyed making this necklace. Moreso because when I started crocheting that day, there was no plan. I simply let the wire do what it wanted and the result was this sumptuous beauty. 

Ten dangling crochet gold discs, framed by brightly coloured enamelled wire means this piece is good for one thing only – and that’s making a STATEMENT!

Wear the bib style necklace with a simple but glamourous outfit for the right combination of sexy, sassy and cool.

Here’s my take on it.

Styling idea for the SPHERES necklace

Styling idea for the SPHERES necklace

Buy SPHERES here