If you run a business, you know the joy it brings, each time you receive a new order. Actually, forget that. You don’t need to own a business – I know when I was an employee, I would almost always check my account at midnight on pay day. Being rewarded for my effort was always something to look forward to. It didn’t matter that most of my wage would soon be gone on bills, bills, bills…

Fast forward a few years and the same excitement abounds… except when it doesn’t. Take two weeks ago for example. In one evening, I got two orders and three messages about custom requests at about 11pm.

It was exciting for about half a second and then I felt dismay. It had been a long day and I was just beginning to wind down. Now, I had to get back into work mode, thinking up new ways to solve my customers’ problems, and manage to sound helpful and excited about it.

Truth is, I was excited. Only, I was exhausted too, and that got me thinking about the ways in which consumers now shop. We are all so busy in long day jobs that many of us – myself included, can only manage our personal responsibilities in the dead of night. With this change in dynamics and the proliferation of online market platforms, it really is no wonder that midnight sales have seen year on year increases.

I could have waited until morning to respond to the messages but I was awake, aware of them, and would drive myself crazy, knowing that I had left customers waiting.

So there I was, crafting responses, doing some math and cursing my rude vibro-alert on my phone. Thankfully, two of the messages resulted in further sales within 24 hours. A 66.6% conversion rate at 11pm? More of that, please!

Anyway, the point of this post really, is to simultaneously have a moan about some of the slight negatives of being in business, and on the other hand, profess my gratefulness for all of my customers; the good and the bad. Because of you, I feel grateful and happy that my creations have enriched lives in a small (or big) way. Because of you, I am able to make a living. And because of you, I am growing into just the kind of artist that I want to be.

Finally, I would love to thank the Etsy developers. My fellow etsy sellers know what I mean when I talk about the ecstasy that flows when we get a notification of a sale – that joyous sound of a till ringing up a sale: KERCHING!!!

So, be it morning, afternoon, evening, or dead of night, long may the Kerching’s reign.

Until next time…

😉 xx