Hi there,

Welcome to my blog, charting one of the paths of my journey through life. In this blog, I examine and discuss my journey from jewellery hobbyist to my work towards realising a lifelong dream of becoming a renowned jeweller. My posts will cover design inspiration, process and the release of finished products. I promise to thrill, inform and confuse you in equal measure – well, maybe more thrilling through informing than confusing but there will be something!!
There will also be giveaways and special discount codes, so do come back often.

I would also like to invite my readers and followers to share their ideas and give an honest critique of the work I do. My work is only as valuable as the people who enjoy it and only through knowledge gained that we can truly achieve growth.

As a new business owner, I am always looking for people with whom to collaborate. Bloggers, stylists, editors, designers etc. Please get in touch if you have ideas that you think will be mutually beneficial.

You can shop ViJouX jewellery here

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Thank you for visiting, do come back soon and take care

Manyi =)


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