Introducing Style Concepts: How to wear ViJouX Jewellery

One of the downsides of an online only shop is that your customers don’t get to try on your items.

It can be difficult to imagine what a necklace, earrings or a bracelet will look like, even when all the dimensions are provided.

Quite often, I get asked to describe how a piece sits when worn and whether or not they can be worn in different ways. This isn’t always easy to do and I will confess often feeling frustrated when unable to convey an idea.

This is especially true when introducing new styles of jewellery like my break out style of wire crochet.

Unfortunately, getting images of pieces on models is not always possible, cost effective or even realistic.

So, I figured it might be helpful to share some illustrations of what the pieces should look like when worn, and what outfits or styles I have in mind when I create them.

A new category on the blog, Style Concepts, will be dedicated to providing styling ideas for the more unusual pieces of jewellery and I will endeavour to post two articles every month 🙂

Hopefully, you will all enjoy being able to imagine what the pieces will look like, and choose something you feel best compliments your outfit.

The first post will be up tomorrow morning and I’ll look forward to reading your thoughts.




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