Downtime and Flash Sales


It’s been a miserable week for me as I have struggled to reach any of my targets. It would seem a bug of unknown origin decided to take up residence in my body and intends to stay awhile. Even now, I am confined to the sofa and the joys of typing out a post on my phone’s screen. Not exactly my idea of heaven – if I am going to take a break, I’d rather it be on my terms! Plus, I am backed up on a couple of orders. Not good for what little image I’ve got…

Anyhoo, the upside of a little downtime is the freedom to let creativity flow. Often, when putting together a collection, one is limited by factors such as desirability, cost and so on.
With no such constraints to hold me back, the juices have run a little haywire.

One of the more reasonable ideas to present in this flow is a 24 hour jewellery flash sale; kind of like an online pop up market, on the facebook page. Necklaces, bracelets, anklets, cufflinks, etc. etc. all priced £10 or less – equivalent to a  minimum of a 25% reduction on RRP.

With Christmas coming up, how great would it be to get beautiful, exclusive and handmade jewellery for less than you’d pay for the store bought equivalent? Pretty darn fantastic I’d say.

If you agree, pop over and like ViJouX on facebook and you’ll get an invite once a date has been decided (Most likely the second week in October).

Oooh… and if you didn’t know yet, the Tham Theu collection is now available on the website.

Okaayy. I think that’s it for today.

Have a fabulous week, everyone!


PS: Do forgive any typos, grammatical errors et al. Blame it on the bug; it may be in my brain! 😉


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