Designer Rant, then Even Bigger Things Popping!

When I said, I’d be back last week, I had every intention of doing just that. But as we all know, life has a way of throwing spanners in the works when we least expect. Well, if we expected it, it wouldn’t really be a spanner in the works, would it?
Anyway, I’m doing a random search of facebook when I decide to try out my hashtag #vijoux.
Imagine my surprise when I found it led to jewellery posts on another page set up by a small jewellery maker like me. Angry, seems inadequate to describe what I felt.

Before the business was registered, I researched the name extensively and all that came up was a French illustrator and the Continental Hotel in Osaka, Japan. A few years later, 3 creatures with no imagination are trying to trade off my hard work by using business names which differ little from mine. Does it really matter that they are not based in the UK? Would you be crazy enough to start a business named some variant of Swarovski, Bulgari or Chanel? Where is the pride in standing out? Where are their business ethics? And then, to add insult to injury, one of them comes on to the instagram account and starts interacting. What chutzpah!! The little imp was immediately blocked.
In the creative business, it is expected that there will be similarities, copying even – supposedly the best form of flattery – but this is a little too close for comfort; and after I found an Etsy seller had made an exact replica of my tag pendant and passed it off as her work – the nerve!!

Anyhoo, after a lot of huffing and puffing, there was really only one thing for it. Go bigger and better. So much bigger that they get drowned out completely. They become so insignificant that even they realise their ridiculous stupidity. To that end, there is a new facebook page which you can access here

Rather than stick to the handmade jewellery, there will be an exclusive handmade collection, a commercial collection, accessories and the release of paintings currently taking up space in my dining room. The new website go-live date has had to be pushed back to allow reformatting to include the changes. It sure is a lot to put on my plate and it will take some time for all of this to come to realisation but if there is one thing a Leo (it was my birthday on 8/8) never does, it’s back down from a fight.

So get your ringside tickets; it’s going to be one hell of a ride.

Manyi šŸ˜€

PS: Now I’ve got this off my chest, I WILL be back later this week with all the details about the new collection and the go-live date for the new site.


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