Big Things Popping…

Or so T.I. says…
It’s been crazy, crazy busy at ViJouX HQ as I prepare for the new season.
Still being bettered by the marketing game but if you’ve never been challenged, you’ve never really tried.

Got a meeting with the website designer in 10 minutes but thought to drop a quick line or run the risk of never getting to it.
Looking forward to it because it’s going to be a cleaner quicker and more responsive design than there is now and hopefully, the customers will love it too.

I’ve also been working hard, trying to build up the facebook and twitter following and to that aid, here is a list of promotions and offers going.

– Sign up for the newsletter here and receive an email with a code to get 50% off all purchases. Only valid until 2nd August 2013.
– Follow us on facebook, twitter, instagram and pinterest and every time the numbers hit a round hundred, one person will win a piece of jewellery from the new collection. Ongoing until Christmas or when we hit a 1000 fans on every account, whichever comes first.

So, my meeting starts in a couple of minutes. Got to run but will be back late next week, with the official press release for the new collection, launch date for the new website and more goodies for subscribers!!
If you like medallions, oriental geometric designs, gemstones and silk, THAM THEU will blow your socks off!!

So excited!! See you soon xxx

PS: Please share this post with your friends so they can enjoy the offers too!! I’d be grateful 🙂


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