Unique Selling Point

If there is a phrase I love to hate, it’s ‘unique selling point’ (USP).
Any basic research on marketing will tell you in no uncertain terms that if you cannot tell your potential customers what sets you apart from your competitors, you might as well forget it.
It is a fact of life that ‘perception is everything’, and learning to market yourself or your business is no mean feat; worse still for introverts like me (Yes, I know I harp on about it but it really does play a big part in how we approach life and business, and thus deserves plenty of respect and consideration).

I know, in my mind, what makes me special. I even managed to express some of that in my business plan – at least enough that complete strangers were happy with it.
Come time to implement those ideas and it’s not as easy as it seems.

Truth be told, no business out there does everything the best in their industry. The trick is to try to find out the trade off point for most consumers and position yourself as close to that position as possible.

Task understood. But how to go about it?

In a world of millions of designers and crafters, how does one little person like me stand out? What is my unique selling point?

I am not a big international company with lots of money behind me, buoyed by exotic sounding names of designers who have completed study programs and apprenticeships at the prestigious art and design schools with respected masters. Oh no! Apart from the occasional duet and use of backing singers, I am in effect a one woman band.

So, I wrote a list of attributes that made me, me – who I am and my passions – and as I got further down the list, what set me aside from the others began to emerge. After months of agonising over what my jewellery offered that others didn’t, I realised that I had been looking at things all wrong.

My jewellery will never be mass-produced like in the big shops. I put my heart and energy into my work and each hand finished piece reflects an experience. No two will ever be the same so my customers get a true exclusive. I am passionate about design, quality, value and service. My drive is positive and I am conscious of my footprint.
Finally, I am me; an individual with a unique style, set of circumstances, talent, dreams and beliefs – irreplaceable and indomitable. And THAT is my USP.

As a ViJouX customer, what you get is much more than a good-looking accessory. With every purchase you make, you become part of a dream and invest in a legacy.
The beauty, quality, individuality, value, exclusivity and passion, are simply the exquisite icing on the cake.

ViJouX: Beauty, Passion and Excellence that captures your heart.


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