Love, Drive and Passion

It’s one of those things you cannot always describe; you just know – the difference between love and passion.

You may or may not be wondering how this is relevant to a jewellery blog. Give me a second; it’s my blog and I love to muse so stick with me…

As people, there are hundreds of things we love to do. Some provide a sense of purpose; others, a sense of balance and others still, a real sense of worth. Occasionally, we’ll do something for the sheer bloody-mindedness of it – I know I have!!

I love dancing, assembling furniture, cooking, puzzles and pottering about the house – only yesterday, I fixed a leaky toilet. The drip had been driving me nuts for months and the thought of calling a plumber and shelling out tens of ££s for what I suspected was a five-minute job was unappealing to me. So, I whipped of the lid to the tank and after a bit of tinkering around, found the problem. It was one of those air-pressure valve flush systems and one of the washers needed replacing. Five minutes later, valve replaced and mechanism reassembled, it was as good as new. All for the grand total cost of £4.

The point of that little story is that I love, love, love learning, and most especially when there is a hands-on element attached. I could quite easily go around my friends homes, fixing little things here and there but when it’s all over and done with, the joy of that accomplishment is pretty shallow.

Compare that with making a piece of jewellery or painting a picture, where the process can be a long, tiring and frustrating. No one is there to help you or appreciate the trouble to go to and often, when you are done, it’s nothing more to your customer, than a beautiful thing to look at. Bummer right? No!

Doing stuff I love and helping people in a tangible way in that process is all fair and good but the accomplishment that comes out of successfully creating something, whether or not it is appreciated by many is my reason for being. When I hold my paint brush, the true meaning of ‘author of my fate’, comes to life. In that moment, I am the god of my destiny and can make of my canvas, what I want. The exhaustion and elation felt at the end of that process, confirm the sense of purpose that I feel and the undeniable and unadulterated truth of who I am. That is my passion.

The problem with passion is, you won’t always get the finished product you want. We all know what it feels like to be disappointed but when it is something you are passionate about, the sense of failure can be crushing.

At this point, some people give up. Others, spring right back up and others stay down for a while but eventually get back up. How long it takes to get back up is not the most important thing. What is important, is that spark inside of you that makes you (want to) get back up. That is drive.

I was 12 years old when I first knew that I wanted to adopt children. On my way to a friend’s house, I walked past a two-year-old boy, filthy, half-naked and standing alone in the middle of the street. In the second that my eyes met his sad, forlorn ones, it occurred to me that I could just pick him up and take him home to my mother. She would have to get him what he needed, of course, but he would be mine. I would care for him, play with him, teach him and he would never again have to feel abandoned or alone.

I try, and consistently fail to understand people who hurt or abandon children. Now that I am a mother, it  is even more unfathomable to me. I love kids and it has been my dream to adopt for as long as I can remember. I am determined to do this as soon as I can afford it and creating a business out of my passion is a viable means to that end.

So, when I feel low and frustrated at my lack of progress, I remember what my drive is; caring for my son and any other children I can possible help. The indelible and tangible effect that I could have on the world through the exploration and exploitation of my talent, is my raison d’être.

This brings me quite nicely to the real topic of the week – Unique Selling Point.

See you on the other side!


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