Endorsed by Wuwuw and more…

I wasn’t planning on posting today but I am so excited right now, I could burst!

So, logged unto facebook this morning to find a couple of notifications on the Vijoux page here. One was a new like from Georgia Burgess, an amazing lady from Bonafide Supernova, who has decided to help me get to grasps with Marketing and PR (I have mentioned how bad at it I am in previous posts. So, so very happy and grateful!!)

The second, was a message on Vijoux’s wall, from WUWUW.
Now, I have admired Wuwuw from the very beginning. Those girls are serious go-getters and because they are new, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to try to get on their list of suppliers. They are young, fashionable and relevant and have access to my target demographic. Of course, driven by laziness and some fear (rejections from Boticca and Not on the High street didn’t help), I resisted getting in touch, opting for the more cowardly ‘facebook like’. To get a review and endorsement in one as a result, is just AWESOME!!

So, boosted by this fantastic comment, I intend to get in touch with all the people on my list of potential business partners and look into Georgia’s ideas for a launch and proper Press release. Ireespective of what comes out of these, it helps to know that someone somewhere appreciates the work that I do, making it all worthwhile.

I’m sure this post sounds all jumbled and rambling but I am excited, scared and quite frankly, overwhelmed – but in a good way.

Thank you, month of May, and welcome!!

Wuwuw endorsement


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