Saw, peg, sheet and gold leaf

Two days ago, I had never used a piercing saw…

A year ago, after reading Jewellery Making – techniques book by Elizabeth Olver, it seemed there was nothing to it. All it would take was some sheet metal, a saw, files and a steady hand. But the commitment wasn’t forthcoming. I would spend hours surfing the internet for the best deals on tools and go as far as placing items in the basket but never make it to checkout.

“I need an apprenticeship…”

“I need lessons in silversmithing…”

“I need… I need… I need…”


Then last week, I told myself it was time to get on with it. The tools and materials didn’t cost and arm and a leg and at worst, I’d lose a few pounds. Two days later, everything I needed was staring me in the face.

On Tuesday, with my peg clamp set up and design drawn and stuck to the copper sheet, I was away! And boy, was it easy!!! The little teeth on the blade chewed so easily through the metal, it all left me wondering why I had waited so long.

I worked on two small pieces; name tags for friends. At 1×2 and 1.5 x 6cm, they are pretty small for a beginner but turned out just ok. Now add that to the fact that I didn’t break my blade; jewellers will understand my excitement!
With a little more practice, those edges and curves will be as perfect as they come and then I’ll be offering custom and monogram tags as part of the bespoke service. The pieces need to be finished with gold leaf and goldplated chain which I will do later in the week (I’ll add the finished pictures to this post). I was just so proud, I needed to share.

Today’s lesson/thought:You don’t need to go off and take on every project you have put off – especially if it carries any risk of injury – but if you are sure of your skill and potential, stop procrastinating and get on with it. You will never know until you try and when you do try, your soul will thank you for it!!

Copper sheet

Cut out

Even finer

Up close with first layer of gold leaf

Up close with first layer of gold leaf


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