Love Pearls

As a young girl, I thought of pearls as a Grandma’s accessory. In the movies, the over 50 wives of old money families were often seen in a multi-row choker or single strands over boring looking skirt suits.

20 years on and the image of pearls has moved up, dramatically. Not only are the younger generation open to the idea of pearls, they are actively seeking out new ways to accessorise them.

I love pearls. An organic gem that come in all sorts of shapes and sizes provides an interesting element to play with. With many technological advances and the boundaries of design being pushed by new and innovative designers, wearing pearls has never been more interesting. There are a million ways in which to wear them – studs, drops, necklace bars, long line chains, solitaire bracelets, the list is endless.

Even, the older generation, who had consigned their pearls to the bottom drawers of their jewellery cabinets are now digging them out, as the passion for all things pearl grows. My preference is for the simple styles, unless using small (4mm or less) pearls or playing with several different sizes in an opulent piece. Mikimoto do a great job of this. The ViJouX AW13/14 collection features some amazing pearl jewellery so do keep an eye out!!

And if you already are part of the pearl revolution, the ViJouX website features a simple guide on caring for those little beauties. Read it here

Below are a few pictures of some my favourite pieces of pearl jewellery – some of them, mine.

Buy thispearl bar necklace here

Buy this pearl necklace here

Buy this bracelet here


Buy the TAG pendant here

Buy these earrings here

wear pearls


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