Healthy owner, healthy business

Before I launched my business, I can confidently say I was one of the unhealthiest people I know. Not because I ate like a pig at every opportunity I got but because my existence is very much sedentary. I am either sat at my work table crafting or at my desk, typing. Occasionally, I stand up to make a fresh cup of tea and to make the school run but that’s about it.

Unfortunately, I am not blessed with the best health and taking care of myself was never high on my priorities. Then 5 weeks ago, right in the middle of a creative flush, I was hit with one of the worst bouts of anaemia I have suffered in a long while. Although, my diet is iron rich, my stores always seem to be depleted every three months or so. On average, it takes a week on iron tablets to get back to reasonable functionality and a month to get back to normal. This time around, it took three weeks to get to the point where getting out of bed wasn’t a pain filled exercise as my joints refused to work without pay.

Then I remembered a training session I had attended at Blue Orchid. On that occasion, we were discussing the process of transitioning from ideas to reality. One of the exercises we had to do was to complete a personal SWOT analysis. I was done in record time and felt quite proud of myself as I was confident that my skill set was reasonable, with my biggest failing my lack of marketing skills.

At the end, none of us had considered the impact our health would have on our business. During my three weeks of incapacity, accounts remained incomplete, crafting was put to the side and planned visits, emails and calls were forgotten. In business terms, three weeks is a very long time and can mean the difference between success and limited success and in the worst case scenario, failure. Imagine missing a crucial meeting or event which could potentially change the profile of your business; just like that, the opportunity is gone. There is also the burden we put on others as we to ask for help completing tasks that we cannot escape.

Of course, I am not referring to situations where illness cannot be helped. Rather, situations where we are negligent about steps we can take to keep ourselves a little healthier. Simple things like washing our hands, eating balanced meals, scheduling tasks, getting enough rest (or as much as you can manage) and staying on top of chronic conditions. In my case, all I needed to do was take one tiny pill once a week to avoid so much downtime.

Needless to say, I have since been very good about taking my iron tablets and almost back to full fitness. Three weeks ago, I added a few sit-ups and crunches to a weekly dance routine and I am reaping the benefits. My body feels stronger than it has in a long time!

So, whether for tackling administrative duties, exploring new ideas, looking for inspiration, or looking after your physical and mental health, make a reasonable plan and stick to it. You may only need to make little changes; don’t put it off any longer. Get healthier and watch your business performance become healthier too.


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